Voter’s Guide: Scott Gillingham at a glance

Scott Gillingham

Citizen’s Agenda Pledges


  • Expand the city’s 24-7 safe space grant program in the North End
  • Pre-approve six modular housing sites
  • Appoint senior advisor on homelessness and street safety
  • Develop formal policy on the use of City of Winnipeg space as warming/cooling shelters for vulnerable people (interim policy by end of 2022, permanent by May 2023)
  • Review city policy on removal of encampments

Crime Prevention

  • Join Winnipeg Police Board as mayor
  • Reinstate criminologist-in-residence program
  • Develop crime prevention and community safety plan
  • Re-task wellness/non-emergency calls to civilian responders
  • Ensure permanent funding for the Downtown Community Safety Partnership
  • Back provincial proposals to create a peace officer program


  • Restore transit to pre-pandemic service levels in 2023
  • Add eleven new buses annually to the busiest bus routes from 2024-2026
  • Accelerate route modernization upgrades in the transit master plan
  • Launch the new on-request suburban services outlined in the Winnipeg Transit Master Plan, starting with Castlebury Meadows – Waterford Green routes in 2023

Police Budget

  • Move a proposal to require Winnipeg Police Board approval for any police service applications to the proceeds of crime fund


  • Launch three neighbourhood action teams to maintain local streets
  • Expand existing capital budget plans for road renewal by 2026
  • Extend Chief Peguis Trail from Main Street to Route 90 and widen Kenaston Boulevard by adding more lanes between Ness Avenue and Taylor Avenue
  • Pre-tender roadwork up to three years ahead
  • Modernize construction bids and contracts to maintain standards with rest of Canada
  • Hire chief construction officer, reporting directly to city council
  • Create task force to work with industry on strategies to increase road repair speed and productivity
  • Grow Manitoba’s construction labour pool by creating early-career job guarantees for students
  • Allow use of more recycled materials for roadwork
  • Use a $1.50/foot frontage levy increase to pay, in part, for road repair until 2026.

Active Transportation

  • Eliminate gaps in sidewalk and cycling networks
  • Upgrade city’s roadwork priority formula
  • Create a road safety and active transportation branch
  • Assign co-signing authority over contracts and cheques to the road safety and active transportation branch
  • Use $1.50/foot frontage levy increase to pay, in part, for “bike route investments” until 2026.

Compiled by: Rachel Ferstl

Updated Oct. 5, 2022, Oct. 15

Civic Election Day in Winnipeg is on Wednesday, Oct. 26
Information for voters about registration and where and when to vote can be found here

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