Voter’s Guide: Jenny Motkaluk at a glance

Jenny Motkaluk

Citizen’s Agenda Pledges


  • “Break down barriers” to develop affordable housing in the private market 
  • “Do whatever it takes to inspire and enable” the private sector to turn vacant lots into affordable homes 
  • Support landlords who support affordable housing 
  • Develop “affordable housing registry” to connect non-profits and clients 

Crime Prevention

  • Replace Winnipeg Police Board with a council “public safety committee” 
  • Bring back Manitoba Integrated Organized Crime and warrant task forces 
  • Demand measurable results from Winnipeg Police Service management 
  • Secure parking for police working at HQ downtown (may be moot, see here)


  • Review all transit routes to ensure buses go to the city’s largest employers 
  • Make transit “more reliable” by adding buses to routes “that make sense”
  • Radios for bus drivers 
  • Put police on buses 

Police Budget

  • Implement a wage freeze for all city employees making $75,000 or more, including police


  • No barricades will go up on roads without active work taking place
  • Finish road projects faster 
  • Will look to other places for best practices to make roads last longer
  • Extend Chief Peguis Trail west from Main Street to Route 90 

Active Transportation

Not specifically mentioned in platform

Compiled by: James Turner  


Civic Election Day in Winnipeg is on Wednesday, Oct. 26

Information for voters about registration and where and when to vote can be found here

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