Voter’s Guide: Kevin Klein at a glance

Kevin Klein

Citizen’s Agenda Pledges


  • Create an Advisory Board made-up of non-profits, councillors, and city staff to advise Council on issues around homelessness
  • Establish safe spaces using under-used city facilities
  • Work with non-profits to house people currently living in Winnipeg Transit shelters
  • Use CMHC funding to buy trailers for those who prefer to avoid the traditional shelter system

Crime Prevention

  • Keep the police helicopter
  • Put a strategic action plan in place for road safety
  • Establish policies to deter bicycle theft
  • Free up police resources by putting sheriffs in hospitals
  • Expand the Alternative Response to Citizens in Crisis (ARCC) program, where plain clothed police officers respond to mental health calls, alongside a specialized mental health clinician (Winnipeg Shared Health)
  • Increasing the availability of low cost programming for youth, to keep youth away from being recruited into criminal activities
  • Devote up to $7 million for youth safe spaces aiming to prevent gang recruitment
  • Advocate for WPS cadets to post at community and rec centres in ‘high risk’ areas


  • Advocate for all new buses to be electric

Active Transportation

  • Double the funding to the active transportation department
  • Reduce pedestrian and cyclist fatalities by creating more thorough systems to   improve the safety of active transportation networks
  • Invest in more secure bicycle parking
  • Make active transportation committee meetings public
  • Ensure that future roads investments requiring active transportation will be reviewed and analyzed prior to execution

Police Budget

  • Not specifically mentioned in platform


  • Spend $2 million on an infrastructure plan to improve roads, bridges and sewers
  • Support expansion of carsharing and ridesharing programs

Compiled by: Caleb Dueck

Updated Oct. 2; Oct. 10; Oct. 22

Civic Election Day in Winnipeg is on Wednesday, Oct. 26
Information for voters about registration and where and when to vote can be found here

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