The Citizen’s Agenda — revealed

“What do you want candidates to be talking about as they compete for your vote?”

Since May, Winnipeg Better has been asking this question of Winnipeggers across the city, hoping to provide coverage of the 2022 Winnipeg city council election focused on citizens’ concerns — not candidate polling numbers or their personalities.

Through email, Google Forms, social media, and in-person interviews in areas across the city — more than 300 adult Winnipeggers weighed in to answer our central question. After collating their responses, here’s the top six things they wanted candidates to focus on:



The Winnipeg Police Service budget


Crime Prevention

Active Transportation

We’re calling this your citizen’s agenda for the election. We’re using these six topics to shape our coverage leading up to Oct. 26.

In the time prior to E-day, we’ll first be producing ‘at a glance’ voter’s guides centred on what mayoral candidates have pledged so far relating to the agenda items.

We’ll work to challenge those candidates directly on how they will accomplish the promises they’ve made. We’ll offer them a platform to speak on these issues at length — and provide space for you to hear their responses in full.

We’ll also be producing feature stories on each of the agenda items asking what should — ideally — the next mayor and city council do to make headway on them.

But we’re not done wanting to hear from you, either. If you have feedback or want to weigh in on our work — drop us a line at the avenues below.

The Winnipeg Better Team: Caleb Dueck, Rachel Ferstl, Kalkidan Mulugeta, Sierra Sanders, Emma Honeybun, Shauna Turnley

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