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Citizen’s Agenda Pledges


  • Construct supervised, safe drug consumption sites in the city
  • Work with Council to provide vacant land and funding for the construction of a tiny home village, a proven approach in many North American cities, which must include addictions and mental health support
  • Expedite and reduce permitting costs for non-profits who build affordable or transitional housing
  • Convene and meet with stakeholders every two months with the purpose of collaborative, evidence-based decision-making from the city
  • Advocate for an increase to support from other levels of government for more mental health and addiction supports for those experiencing homelessness

Crime Prevention

  • Reduce bike theft (Partnership with 529 Garage program, responsible for decreasing Vancouver’s bike theft rate by 42 per cent)
  • Expand the Mobile Crisis Service and Active Response to Citizens in Crisis and increase the number of regular wellness checks
  • Improve 911 call dispatching aimed at decreasing staff turnover
  • Commit to increasing funding to community patrol groups and other community-oriented organizations
  • Expand community policing and bike patrol initiatives in central Winnipeg
  • Better police data analysis


  • Add a new bus route going to Bird’s Hill Park
  • Ensure busses are equipped with bike racks within four years

Police Budget

  • Commit to halting any increase to the existing budget.
  • End Winnipeg police Chief Danny Smyth’s contract
  • Allocate police budget funds to solutions such as community patrol groups


  • End mandatory parking lot minimums
  • Decrease traffic congestion Downtown
  • Move past “car culture” and reduce traffic lanes
  • “If elected I will open up Portage and Main”

Active Transportation

  • Invest about $18.8 million of the city’s budget into active transportation
  • Double Winnipeg’s active transport infrastructure in the next four years
  • Add more bike lanes to Osborne Village
  • Improve the sidewalk network
  • Add more secure, year-round public bike racks
  • Increase the number of protected bike lanes
  • Incorporate active transportation into all reconstruction projects by default going forward
  • Prioritize completing the gaps in existing bike networks, improving routes to mandatory services
  • Add more signs and key locations for way-finding on bike routes
  • Require new communities to consider and implement active transport into construction
  • Implement temporary bike lanes in construction zones
  • Create traffic-free neighborhood bike routes
  • Purchase and operate two electric street cleaners all summer long tasked with cleaning sidewalks and bike lanes citywide

Compiled by: Emma Honeybun

Last updated: Sept. 27, Oct. 13, Oct. 20, Oct. 23

Civic Election Day in Winnipeg is on Wednesday, Oct. 26
Information for voters about registration and where and when to vote can be found here

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