Voter’s Guide: Robert-Falcon Ouellette at a glance

Robert Falcon-Ouellette

Citizen’s Agenda Pledges


  • Support End Homelessness Winnipeg and bring Winnipeg into the ‘Built For Zero’ group of communities whose goal is to end chronic and veteran homelessness, by expanding emergency, transitional and affordable housing
  • Create 1,340 additional housing units within 8 years based on identified local needs that will include transitional, short term and long-term hosing options.
  • Eliminate homelessness among youth who leave home due to abuse or neglect our who have ‘aged out’ of Child Family Services (CFS)
  • Expand the use of Homelessness Individuals & Families Information System (HIFIS) to 45 homeless-serving organizations and programs as part of a coordinated access system to make sure that all community groups are working together
  • Work with Indigenous governments and the federal government to ensure that First Nations, Inuit and Metis peoples living in Winnipeg have their housing needs met
  • Convene regular meetings of all elected municipal, provincial, federal, Indigenous governments, community groups, businesses, and homeless representatives to discuss what we can all be doing to effectively deal with this challenge

Crime Prevention

  • Create a supervised drug consumption site
  • Work with other levels of government to support “immediate” treatment options and prescribed safe drug options for addicts in need


  • Provide free transit for youth 17 and under
  • Add buses on “busy routes”
  • Bring back free downtown bus route buses
  • Add card tap to fare payments
  • Zero tolerance policy for disruptive, violent and dangerous behaviour
  • Train Transit supervisors to act as peace officers; in short-term employ private security on buses

Police Budget

  • Freeze the police budget at $310 million and create a Community Safety and Innovation Fund which is a cut from the current $320 million budget (claims this would provide $21 million over the next four years)


  • Not specifically mentioned in platform

Active Transportation

  • Include safe family cycling in plans for active transport

Compiled by: Sierra Sanders

Updated: Oct. 2; Oct. 10, Oct. 13

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