Voter’s Guide: Rana Bokhari at a glance

Rana Bokhari

Citizen’s Agenda Pledges


  • Make addiction and mental health services more accessible
  • Apply five per cent accommodations tax to short-term rentals like AirBnB
  • Use existing city bylaws to seize derelict homes and turn the land over at no cost to non-profit housing groups to construct affordable housing.

Crime Prevention

  • Implement the Crime Prevention Budget, a social services budget line that takes 10 per cent from the current Winnipeg Police Budget (roughly $32 million)
  • Give 10 per cent of said budget to preexisting social groups or nonprofits
  • Open new safe injection sites in Winnipeg, beginning with a mobile pop-up site
  • Make bike registration free; require mandatory registration of new bikes; partner with 529 Garage to aid recovery of stolen bikes


  • Speed up improvements to Winnipeg Transit Plus
  • Support Transit Master Plan but speed up its implementation
  • Reduce the cost of a transit pass to $20 over four years
  • Replace out of service buses with electric ones
  • Reduce bus wait times
  • Improve accessibility at bus stops, all must be accessible via sidewalk or path
  • Redirect some above ground parking lot funding to transit

Police Budget

  • Cut Winnipeg Police Service funding (see ‘crime prevention’)
  • Revisit the 2013 independent WPS Operational Review to hold officers accountable for budget use


  • Implement new by-laws to restrict how many parking spots a business needs ($100 annual levy, and $350 for those who exceed the number of spots)
  • Lower the minimum number of parking spaces needed by half
  • Remove the sidewalk barriers at Portage Avenue at Main Street

Active Transportation

  • Make it mandatory for all community spaces and parks to have accessible paths for active transportation
  • Increase funding for safe active transportation and secure bike lanes

Compiled by: Emma Honeybun

Updated Oct. 2, Oct. 5, Oct. 13

Civic Election Day in Winnipeg is on Wednesday, Oct. 26
Information for voters about registration and where and when to vote can be found here

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