Voter’s Guide: Glen Murray at a glance

Glen Murray

Citizen’s Agenda Pledges


  • Restore plan-based neighbourhood housing programs such as Astum Api Niikinaahk, which will provide 24 housing units for unsheltered people in the urban core
  • Build a service picking up people on the street with non-life threatening conditions and admit them to an upgraded community health centres with 24-hour services that include medical, mental health, housing, and addictions supports

Crime Prevention

  • Staff rapid response team to dangerous situations.
  • Fund existing safety groups using tax revenue from new affordable housing
  • Enable neighbourhood-level safety plans by convening stakeholders with support of city departments including police. Actions and priorities are ‘formalized in writing.’


  • Electric bus city-wide frequent transit system by 2030
  • Increase frequency along 13 key transit routes for 15 hours per day every day
  • Ensure e-buses arrive every 10 minutes rather than the current target of 15
  • Replace the obsolete radio communication system
  • Provide extended protective shields for greater bus operator safety
  • Implement on-bus video streaming security program
  • Cross-train safety teams of staff and/or experienced community members and professionals with skills in mental health and conflict resolution

Police Budget


  • Not specifically mentioned in platform

Active Transportation

  • Not specifically mentioned in platform

Compiled by: Shauna Turnley

Updated Oct. 10

Civic Election Day in Winnipeg is on Wednesday, Oct. 26
Information for voters about registration and where and when to vote can be found here

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