‘I’m tired of our money going to the wrong places’: Manitoba election 2023 swing riding profile: Rossmere

By Kieran Reimer 

Rossmere is a swing riding located in Northeast Winnipeg that was created in 1968.
This year sees The Progressive Conservatives of Manitoba looking to retain the seat, which they have held since 2016.

In 2019, Manitoba New Democrats came close to winning Rossmere, losing by only 751 votes.

A current major issue in Rossmere is the rising cost of homes, with the average house cost up $48,400 since 2016. In addition, Rossmere’s average age is higher than most ridings in Manitoba. Citizen’s average age is 41.2 years, while the Manitoba average is 38.4 years old.

Major landmarks in the area are Gateway Recreation Centre, Kilcona Park, and Harbourview Park & Recreation Complex. 

The Candidates 

Andrew Micklefield – PC Manitoba (Incumbent) 

  • Won by 751 of the 9,380 total votes cast 
  • Received 46.58 per cent of total votes cast in 2019 
  • Former Principal of private Christian school, The King’s School 

Tracy Schmidt – Manitoba NDP 

  • Labour Relations Officer at Winnipeg Association of Public Service Officers 
  • First campaign 

Devlin Hinchey – Green Party of Manitoba 

  • Continuous Improvement Manager at CertainTeed 
  • Ran in Elmwood-Transcona in 2021 Federal Election 

Mike Chapin – Manitoba Liberal Party 

  • No existing information online 

Riding Facts by the Numbers 

Total population: 21,690 

Eligible Voters: 15,825 

Median age: 41.2 

Marital Status: Married 8,705 

Indigenous population: 2,710 


  • Owners 5,690 
  • Renters 3,280 

Average cost of home: $348,000 

Most common occupations 

  • Business 1,980 
  • Architecture, conservation 1,810 
  • Healthcare 1,540 

Average Individual Income: $59,600 

All data from Elections Manitoba 

Voter Viewpoints 

Gavin Koop, 20, a Diesel Technician at Trappers Transport:

“I want there to be things to do after 7 p.m. My tennis court doesn’t feel safe, especially when we are playing in the dark. We always are checking our surroundings.” 

Daivan Verma, 18, a business student at University of Manitoba:

“I’m tired of our money going to the wrong places. It should be going to cheaper prices of groceries and gas. That’s something that I think everyone wants.” 

Karis Regehr, 51, office administrator at Regehr’s Printing:

“Normally I vote Conservative, but I like what the NDP is promising for the homeless. I see so much of it when I walk my dog. It’s kind of tough being close to downtown.” 

Irene Neufeld, 70, retired and lives alone:

“Homes are getting more and more expensive, and I’m worried for the upcoming generation. I want them to figure out a way to make them more affordable.” 

Ron Reeger, 60, retired business owner:

“I don’t want to drive around and have my vertebrae taken out by a pothole. It seems like only we have this issue. Once you drive into Ontario or Saskatchewan the roads are already better. 

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