About Winnipeg Better

Elections matter —  the one in Winnipeg this Oct. 26, especially so.

Winnipeg Better is a project from senior journalism students at Red River College Polytechnic aiming to spotlight some of the major issues the incoming city council will contend with over the next four years.

Instead of focusing largely on the horse-races of council and mayoral candidates, we want to provide a more holistic, comprehensive approach to how this election is covered.

From the declining health of the city’s urban forest, its massive infrastructure deficit and the post-COVID-19 future of downtown, the next mayor and council will have a lot to deal with.

Our goal is to cultivate dialogue and be a go-to resource on these and other serious civic issues voters should care about.

The 2022 fall election Team:

Clockwise from top left: Rachel Ferstl, Emma Honeybun, Sierra Sanders, Kalkidan Mulugeta, Shauna Turnley and Caleb Dueck.

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Contact us: jmajorrrc@gmail.com

The 2022 spring team:

Joshua Frey-Sam (Twitter: @jfreysam)

Tyler Searle (Twitter: @searlety)

Jenna Paterson-Coutts (Twitter: @coutts_jenna)

Bryce Hunt (Twitter: @brycehunt15)

Margaret Spratt (Twitter: @margaret_spratt)